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Key features...

Fall detection: with clever multi stakeholder alert delivery

Identifying routine and habit changes: tracking physical activity, room specific visits and GPS monitoring

Highlighting wellbeing changes: day and night monitoring of movement, heart and respiratory activity

Supporting wandering management strategies: with geo fence boundary alerting and GPS tracking

Connecting the wearer in an emergency: including family/friends with voice calls directly through the watch

Safety and wellbeing analytics: via our secure web and app services

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Why Companion...

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Its personal: watch and services adapt as the wearers needs change, without compromising on dignity and ease of use.
Direct to consumer: we already provide services directly to people, their family, friends and wider support network.
Clever alert delivery: ensuring the right person gets the right alert at the right time.
Interoperability: Secure connectivity built in, allowing wider health and care systems to work together.
Always on hand: Companion has you covered, be that in bed, a bath or on a country walk.
Highlights wellbeing changes: by monitoring a range of metrics including movement, heart and respiratory activity 24/7.
LTE-M connectivity: future proof connectivity with low power consumption, reduced cost, and better signal range.

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Reassuringly on hand...

supporting peoples quality of life,
wherever they choose to call home.

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Improving care technology adoption

Discrete and easy to use: Classic looking
watch with care tech made simple

Hassle free: with complete Companion
setup, delivery and support services

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What people say about Companion...

Customer feedback

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Rated 'Excellent' by all Companion Watch customers

Independent review

“I love it. People just don’t believe it’s a personal alarm watch. I’m not embarrassed to wear it and in fact I get a lot of compliments”

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