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Fall detection...

With built-in monitoring and alerting.

who live at home suffer at least 1 fall a year.

1 in 3 over 65's

Falls cause injury, but also distress and loss of confidence, which is why having a Companion watch can make all the difference. Companion connects the wearer to their support network after detecting a hard fall, enabling you to reassure them or if necessary, get help for them.

How it works...

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The watch stores up to 8 support network contacts who can be contacted in the event of a fall.

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If a fall is detected, the watch cleverly raises alerts with the support network by phone, email, and mobile app.

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The watch stores up to 8 support network contacts who can be contacted in the event of a fall.

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Once the alert is answered, the  watch wearer can speak directly with their support network via the watch.

How Companion knows the wearer has fallen...

Companion has a built-in accelerometer which can register a hard impact such as a fall. It also has an altitude meter, so it’s not fooled by the general bumps and bangs it may experience during everyday use. Other fall detection solutions can be notorious for false alarms, which can cause unnecessary panic and distress.

If your Companion watch detects a hard fall, a "Fall Detected" icon appears in the watch display and prompts the wearer to cancel the alert.

If the prompt is not cancelled the watch will send alerts and raise a telephone call with the support network based on how the alerts and alarms have been configured.

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Why wait...
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Dad has got a watch and only had a few weeks but already given us full peace of mind for falls etc. The custom service is brilliant. Just had our zoom lesson ,really helpfull and answered all our quesions. This is going to make a huge difference for all the family. Thank you so much.

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