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Home from hospital...

Companion watch will help you and your support network make better informed decisions about your care, as well as provide a lifeline connection between you and the people who care for you.

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It's hard returning home after a short or long stay in hospital, especially for people living alone or those who need further home care and support. 

Companion provides the reassurance that alerts will be raised if something goes wrong. It allows you and your support network to stay connected and track wellbeing metrics between care support calls.

Helping you stay at home...

Your Companion will be configured to focus on what's important to you and your support network.

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Hard falls monitoring
If you have a fall, alerts can be raised with your support network so they can help you quickly.

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Emergency SOS button
If pressed, alerts and a voice call are made to your support network, so they can help you quickly.

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Physical wellness
Companion measures your movement and heart rate activity 24 hours a day - gathering important wellness data.

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The Companion app 
Your authorised support network can securely access your wellness data via the web portal or the Companion app.

Returning to independence...
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Dad's companion watch was delivered within 48 hours of ordering it. The watch was already setup with my address book contacts and after a 1 hour charge it was ready to use. Really pleased with the service and support so far.

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